St-Denis Pavilion

The Saint-Denis Pavilion is open to the public at concert events. It houses six large studios and a large multipurpose hall specially designed for music, staging and dance, the Amati Concert Hall.


Concerts are held at the Amati Concert Hall throughout the summer season:

Mondays are high-profile concerts with guest musicians and resident professors. There is an entrance fee for non students (See "Program").

Wednesdays and Saturdays are reserved for students and/or professors either for individual performances, chamber music or orchestral concerts. These concerts are free.

End-of-session concerts are held Saturday evenings at the end of each term. Occasionally, these are held outside the Laurentian Music Center in the surrounding towns of St. Adolphe, St. Sauveur and St. Adèle. To ensure full participation in a concert for every student, some additional concerts are held on Saturday, either in the morning or the afternoon. Please check at the office for the latest concert schedules. These concerts are free.